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Hitachi ZX210 with Tanmill FOPS Guard
JCB Vibomax with Vandal Guards

About Tanmill

In 1988 Tanmill developed the first plastic vandal guard to meet the needs of the construction industry, who wanted a stronger, lighter and more durable vandal guard than the traditional steel guards. The guards were quickly adopted by the major manufacturers and their UK importers as being the industry standard for vandal guards. Since then Tanmill has continued to develop the guards, introducing our unique "snap lock" system to remove the problems associated with the use of padlocks. Roof rails have been introduced, utilising existing fixing points on the cab roof to mount the rail, instead of the more traditional method of pop riveting channel onto the cab. Tanmill continues to develop it's products to meet the ever growing expectation of it's customers.


Concentrating on its established market sector Tanmill has also developed a range of Demolition/Rock guards that provide extreme levels of cab protection for machines working in quarries and on demolitions projects.

Tanmill no longer only supplies to the UK market but also exports to other European countries.

New Holland E215 with Tanmil Vandal Guards
Volvo EC210 with Tanmill Vandal Guards